Whether you want to transform your interiors to embrace a more sleek, understated sophistication, Italian fusion or an eclectic mix of relaxed styles and ethnic cultures – old or new – Manyara Home can create your very own look.

Restyling a home is like going on a journey with the final destination ideally a stylish, comfortable sanctuary that not only reflects the occupant's personality, but embraces their needs and lifestyle.

The more balanced the proportions and appealing and comfortable the soft furnish- ings, the more your home will be a delight in which to live, relax and entertain. Layering textures along with the balanced, proportionate placement of furnishings and rugs provides the groundwork for the curation of those very special pieces such as artworks, sculptures and decorative elements that Manyara source locally and from around the globe.

So no matter what your budget, taste, job size or timeframe, our team can help with everything from updating your fireplace or window dressings to building custom joinery while sourcing all those unique, lush finishing touches that transform a house into a home.